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Some specs on my oven

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  • Some specs on my oven

    I am in the process of finishing up my oven and thought you might like some details about the build process and materials used.

    36 inch interior diameter oven
    19 inch dome height
    5 foot by 6 foot base
    10 inch by 48 inch foundation dug by hand for the base
    3 cubic yards of concrete, delivered, for the base weighing approximately 12,000 pounds.
    57 cement blocks for the base at 30 pounds each, 1710 pounds.
    7 inch concrete slab on cement board, 24 80 pound bags of cement mixed by hand, 1920 pounds
    200 fire bricks at 8 pounds each, 1600 pounds
    4 50 pound bags of Heat Stop 2 mortar, 200 pounds
    16 cubic feet of vermiculite
    2 94 pound bags of cement, 188 pounds

    No stats on the facade yet. Lots of comments on building a bomb proof dog house. Total weight is about 18,000 pounds. Lots of physical work, lots of pride in doing almost all of it by myself.
    -John Butterfield

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    Re: Some specs on my oven

    Sounds very impressive, can you attach some pics?


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      Re: Some specs on my oven

      I am attaching a pic of my almost finished oven.
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