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Measurement discrepancies for the 42 inch pompeii oven

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  • Measurement discrepancies for the 42 inch pompeii oven

    Do you know why the mesurements for the 42" foundation are different on the material list page 80"x94" compared to to the oven demensions page 77"x86" (page 13)- which is correct?

    This is with regards to the pompeii oven plans.....

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    Re: Measurement discrepancies for the 42 inch pompeii oven

    welcome the forum.
    To access the plans, go the the FB Store (eBooks & CD ROMs :: Forno Bravo Store), and register. The plans are under Instruction Manuals and eBooks category. After you "order" the free plans, you will receive an email with the download link. Be patient.It might take a couple of hours for the download email to arrive. It should be easy (and I hope it works).
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      Re: Measurement discrepancies for the 42 inch pompeii oven

      This issue has been brought up in the past (try searching the forums), and I think the answer had something to do with the size of a block. But yes, there is a discrepancy. Just go with whatever works best for you, based on the size of your block stand. The foundation slab for my 42" oven is 80x88, and my mortared block stand is about 72x72 (4.5 blocks wide on each side). This leaves 4" of foundation slab showing on 3 sides, and 12" in front. Photo


      P.S., here's one of those old posts: Link
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        Re: Measurement discrepancies for the 42 inch pompeii oven

        I think it has to do with the half inch mortar spaces which disappear if you lay the blocks up dry, if I remember correctly.
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          Re: Measurement discrepancies for the 42 inch pompeii oven

          I based my footer on my block set in place with mortar joints, not dry stacked. My stand is 64 X 72 and my footer is 72 X 80. You can buy a folding stick ruler at HD that is graduated depending on the type of material you are setting.Not nessesary but will help you lay everything out. Standard practice is to have the footer 16" wide this allows for an 8" block to be set and have enough room for standard 4" brick set either side. I know I did not answer your question, but make your stand large enough to hold your oven, insulation and enclosure. I am working on how to place my spread sheet on with my posts. I hope this helps.


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            Re: Measurement discrepancies for the 42 inch pompeii oven

            In a rush to get my forms placed before a cement truck came to pour for another aspect of my rather big landscape job, I went by the measurements for a corner oven on page 18 of the pdf oven plans. I THOUGHT this was the outside measurement of the base/hearth/support for a 48" diameter oven like the picture shows.

            Now that I have half a second and am finally looking at the materials list for a 42" oven, 6 inches smaller than I desired, it occurs to me that the pdf plan drawing was of the oven itself, that which sits upon the hearth and not the support itself.

            Now I'm thinking I really screwed up. I was planning to spend lots of creative time with the oven design/build but the idea of including an oven was at the last minute I just wanted to allow enough room in the foundation so I can but the flagstone up to it. and deal with the pretty stuff later when I had more time and could do the research.

            It's a corner oven, part of a simple outdoor kitchen.

            My question: What size oven would fit on a 62 x 62 inch base? It's a corner design so I can very easily build out the front straight edged chamber, make it part of the design. So I get whatever length is necessary there. If it were a rectangular base, as are most, I'm guessing you'd just assume the shortest measurement to be 62" outside edge of the hearth. Right?

            Thank you in advance. Any ideas are welcome. I am absolutely new as can be here!
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              Re: Measurement discrepancies for the 42 inch pompeii oven

              I wanted to try my question in a more straightforward way: what is the largest interior-size nicely-scaled oven one can build on top of a 62" x 62" hearth?

              It's a corner unit so the oven's straight entry chamber will be formed outside the symmetrical support shape of the 62" hearth, (into the "room.) Thank you!


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                Re: Measurement discrepancies for the 42 inch pompeii oven


                I thought ypu wer pouring a 72X72 foundation not 62 based on the plans you referenced.

                The base (foundation) can be smaller than the actual oven floor there are several examples of this even a 3 leg oven that I could not find at this time but included two other examples here.

                You will need to do some work on the transition from base to oven floor as far as reinforcement with rebar but it can work out well.

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                PhotoPlog - Finished Ovens

                PhotoPlog - Finished Ovens

                Get those creative thoughts going. a cantilever is possible and does look nice.