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    can any one help explain the best way to put down the soldier course? I see it put down on the fire brick (like FB plans) and I also see the soldier course put down on the hearth and the floor of the WFO is cut perfectly inside, it looks like a lot more work. I don't mind the work if there is a advantage.

    Thank you

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    Re: soldier course

    Both ways work fine. It's a matter of personal choice. Professional ovens are built with the floor entirely inside the dome, because in a oven in continuous use every day the floor can need replacement every decade or so. This usually isn't the case in home ovens.

    I built my dome on the floor: I thought it would spread the load a little bit, and as you pointed out it's less fussy cutting.
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      Re: soldier course

      Thank you very much that makes my choice a lot easier and a lot less time on the brick saw.