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  • sparplas

    as a building materials distributor, i am suspect of the information that i get at the local big box homecenter. that said, i visited a local masonry supply house and they weren't a whole lot of help either. however, there is a local industrial firebrick distributor that was a wealth of information, and has helped several people build outdoor ovens.
    the industrial guys asked me "why don't you just build it out of plastic?" they then showed me a product called Sparplast 30 AS. super duty air set plastic refactory..basically unfired firebrick. they said to build a mold, and hammer this stuff into place around it with a mallet to 2" thick, then layer refractable castable around it if i want it thicker. the said that they have had customers go to the local farm supply store and buy those pet igloos and just hammer sparplast around them.
    has anyone tried this? any success? seems a whole lot faster than getting out my wet-saw and cutting bricks...