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My oven was wrong.

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  • My oven was wrong.

    Hi there,

    I am Daniel from Brazil and I am new here. I hope learn a lot with you guys!

    Ok, here is my story.
    Two years ago, I left Brazil and came to Thailand. Now here, I am
    thinking in open my own pizzeria, since the pizzas here are so
    different the one I made at Brazil :-) . But here I have a lot of issues
    to fix first, from ingredients to wood. But my worry now is about
    the wood fired oven. I remember that when I built my oven in Brazil,
    the consume of wood was high. Was necessary to burned a lot of
    wood to keep a high temperature inside. I am pretty sure my oven was
    wrong in some way, so I don't want to do the same mistake here,
    since the wood here is expensive. So, here the question. What can
    I do to have my oven tweaked to keep high temperature and to use less


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    Re: My oven was wrong.

    how thick were your walls? Too much "thermal mass" will require a lot of wood for the oven to reach a high temperature. On the other hand, plenty of thermal mass will keep the oven hot for long.

    Above all - make sure you put plenty of insulation and then some more. Did you read the ebook here? It will give you excellent guidelines. Beleza?
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      Re: My oven was wrong.

      thanks for the inputs.



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        Re: My oven was wrong.

        Read the ebook CAREFULLY. Like Leckig said, INSULATE; especially underneath the oven.

        Here's the link to the Ebook page: Brick Oven Plans | Build an Italian Brick Oven
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          Re: My oven was wrong.

          Thanks guys!


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            Re: My oven was wrong.

            Having a bit more mass is good in a commercial oven for it keeps it hotter overnight so you have less heating to do tomorrow. And it WILL heat load if it is used every day. However, it MUST be insulated to the max. You basically can't overinsulate!

            Good Luck!