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rebar horizontal in the block stand

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  • rebar horizontal in the block stand

    I know folks put rebar vertically in the cores with cement, but do a lot of folks put rebar horizontally in the wall, I have seen some do this but it seems overkill especially if you are mortaring the wall, thoughts?

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    Re: rebar horizontal in the block stand

    I think some people do this as an alternate to angle irons to hold up the lintel over the wood storage door. Since I don't even know what this lintel is for, you can just put the extra rebar in your support slab and dispense with this row of blocks entirely, I'd say I don't know any reason for this at all. I put a decorative arch above my wood storage area, but it was at the support slab and insulation layer, and I have full access to the wood storage area.

    I'd say that unless you live in a really earthquake prone area, don't bother. Even if you do (NJ?) you may not want a structural masonry object anyway.
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      Re: rebar horizontal in the block stand

      Rebar is pretty cheap.

      I would put a 1/2 rebar in the top course of blocks. It helps if this top course has the "knock out" type of block.
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