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  • Using Isulfrax

    I've been reading about the benefits of insulfrax, especially in tighter spaces like mine, but have found no info on how to use it.
    1. How do you attach it to the dome?
    2. How do you attach it to another layer of insulfrax?
    3. How do you attach the insulating concrete to insulfrax?
    3. If you were to actually use five layers of insulfrax, can you/how would you
    attach a stucco layer? Too fragile if you banged into without a more solid
    surface undeneath?
    I'm still in the planning stages and am trying to get things settled in my
    thick skull. Thanks.

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    I'd also like to know. . .here's my plan:

    I'll wrap the dome in insulfrax (overlap it and cover it well) and hold it down on the dome using duct hanging strap (thin perforated metal strap 1" wide which comes in long rolls, used for hanging HVAC duct from the ceiling). I'm not sure how to anchor the ends of the strap; I may drill holes in the sides of the hearth/floor bricks with a masonry bit and use blue Tapcon screws through the holes at each end. I suspect I'll use maybe 8-10 straps to hold fast all the insulfrax.

    I've seen pix on the FB installation website, and this looks like what they're doing. Bungee cords could work but I don't trust they'll hold up under the heat.
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      Thanks Fio. Sounds like we're both in the planning stages. I checked the manufacturers site and didn't find much. They did show anchor-loc. It looks like the insulfrax in layers with an integral mounting system. Wouldn't work for an oven, but it gives one some ideas. The link below is a pdf file containig some info and pictures.

      Has anyone used it yet? If you have, how'd you do it. James, do you have any information regarding it's installation? I'll keep looking.

      I saw a pic of a blanket wrapped in chicken wire. Looks like it would work. Can you then just add the insulating concrete or stucco?
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        blanket install pics

        Hey Fio I found some pics from Kiwipete.

        Looks like he has 2 anchor points up front close in to the opening. Chicken wire the whole thing and a strap around the bottom and face holds it all in place. Further down the page shows him applying perlcrete directly to it. I think that answers a lot, but would still like to hear from others.