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Hearth Component Question - Casa2G90

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  • Hearth Component Question - Casa2G90

    I am aiming to put in a Casa2G90, but want to outsource the stand building. I'm trying to avoid mixing/pouring concrete only to have to decorate/stucco the blocks.

    I am planning on having a base built out of Belgard Hardscape Wall Modules. These Modules will have a steel top installed over them and pavers laid onto that steel top which will replace the 3.5" Concrete Slab that the instructions recommend. I would then install the FB Board Insulation on top of the pavers (which would effectively be the first layer of the hearth). So from the ground up, we would have the following layers: wall module, steel, pavers, FB Board, cooking floor, dome, etc.

    I would then proceed to assemble the dome and cooking floor on top of the FB Insulating Board.

    Is there a problem with this approach (Specifically the paver to FB Board transition)? The pavers will likely not be perfectly flat. Will the FB board compress, wiggle, or otherwise deform? Or will it fill into the small gaps between pavers? The pavers will look nice (on the uncovered parts) but if this is a mistake, I could probably put in 16x16 flat blocks. They don't look as good, but would be much closer to flat.

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    Re: Hearth Component Question - Casa2G90

    Should be OK.

    Take a close look at the finished paver surface. If there are any big dips or edges you may want to smooth them out with a bit of normal mortar before putting the FB board on.


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      Re: Hearth Component Question - Casa2G90

      Skip the pavers entirely. No reason for them. Put your insulation directly on the steel plate. Don't use anything flimsy, you want at least 1/2" steel plate. If that plate is too pricey, consider using precast concrete lintels.

      If you want the decorative look of the pavers around the igloo, you can just cut them to fit the dome. I don't think you want them underneath it.
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        Re: Hearth Component Question - Casa2G90

        Good advice Dmun. Why pave it if I won't see it. If I go with the precast lintels, what thickness do I need? The base will be about 60x60 on top.