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Casa2g100 Ordering Question

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  • Casa2g100 Ordering Question


    My FB vendor is offering me a Casa2g with a 2.5 inch floor because he knows I want to bake bread in addition to Pizza. I think the thickness of of the Casa dome is 2 inches. If I got a thicker floor would that throw my balance off of the oven? So that I would need to heat the floor very much more messing with the success of my pizzas? Or is that OK because it's only an extra 1/2 an inch?



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    Re: Casa2g100 Ordering Question

    Hey acbova,

    James here.

    With our [very cool] new product announcement, we now have three residential ovens, plus the Artigiano -- the Giardino (which are lighter and smaller), the Casa2G (which is mainstream) and the Premio2G (which are heavier and bigger).

    The Premio2G has a 3" dome, an extra inch of insulation top and bottom, and an insulated door. It is a lot heavier (almost 50% heavier than the Casa2G in the dome -- it's basically commercial), and it goes up to a big 48" oven. I think it's a great oven for the serious baker and someone throwing really big parties.

    But it uses a 2" firebrick tile floor -- which is enough for home use, and some restaurant use.

    There isn't a Casa2G with a thicker floor, so I think there is a little confusion.

    On the other hand, there are also two new commercial ovens. The Professionale (110 and 120) and the Modena2G (120, 140, 160 and 180). The Professionale is designed for either a smaller restaurant or a larger restaurant that uses their wood oven for only certain dishes. The Modena2G is a monster and it can do just about anything!

    If you are looking for a 2 1/2" floor and a 3" dome -- and even more insulation, you could install a Professionale in a house. It is UL certified for both home and restaurant use. But for a majority of home use, it might be overkill, and the extra mass might not be helpful.

    I know we offer choices -- so I hope this helps.

    Each oven is nicely tuned with the oven dome and floor mass for certain types of baking.

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