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casa 2g110 warped floor tiles

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  • casa 2g110 warped floor tiles

    finally got the stand done and laid out the insulation to level the tile.

    a few problems: the insulation only left me 2 inches in the back, even when I put the front two tiles flush with the front of the insulation. i figured i could trim somewhere and buttress the rear portion of the oven.

    then tile 9 had its interior corner shattered, but i figured i could deal with that too.

    what i couldn't deal with was tile 4 and 5 being warped. being the idiot that i am, i spent 5 hours trying to level the whole thing before i figured out why i couldn't. too bad, too, because i had a bunch of neighbors ready to finish the oven with me.

    hopefully i can get the replacement tiles soon enough to finish this thing before summer is over.

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