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New 39" Oven build in NH

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  • New 39" Oven build in NH

    I guess it's about time I started a build thread before I get too far along.

    Building a 39" oven in New Hampshire. Even though it's only July, with my son's sports and everything else I have to do other than this oven, I'm already feeling up against Mother Nature and snow flying to finish. If you are familiar with weather around here, you'd understand that it can go from summer to winter and skip right over fall.

    Last night I started to mortar the soldier course. Mixed a small batch of homebrew just to test my skills and see what it was like to work with. Started out a little rough with moisture be sucked out of the mortar right away but started wetting the bricks more and by the last 6 or 7 bricks seemed to go well. I'm going to assume the weight of the dome and better bonding from here on out will make the questionable joints a non-issue.

    Pics of the recent progress attached. I left out the boring pics of rebar and holes in the ground.

    Oven is set back into a hill.
    IT I made is easily adjustable so I can measure it for every course and maintain 19.5" and avoid a dome that has an extra inch in height.
    Depressions in the front of the hearth are for granite pieces that will support my granite counter top that will extend 1 foot out. Last pic has the granite in place for a fit check.

    I'll keep posting my progress and invite any and all criticism or comments that would save me from making mistakes.
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    I hope to get back to some work on this tonight but I'm wondering what technique people use for wetting the bricks that are already placed on previous course? It may be a few days before I come back around so a quick dip of the bricks I'm putting down in a bucket makes sense but what do people do to the bricks that are placed already? Just spray a little or nothing??


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      A fine spray from a spritz bottle works great on both surfaces.
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        As I was looking at this picture, it dawned on me that I need to trim the bricks extending outside the dome so I can insulate down to the FB right? I shifted the dome closer to the front than originally planned so it resulted in this extra on the back side.

        Other than the wasting the bricks, is there a way to properly insulate without trimming them?
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          While I'm asking questions, I came across some posts that talked about asbestos in old firebrick. I have reclaimed firebrick so I'm wondering....

          Does this pic of a cut edge show proof of asbestos? I have no idea. I also read from a couple experts on this forum that only insulating firebrick have it and this 8-9 pound brick should be good.

          I'll go buy new if I have to for piece of mind but any info would be great! Thanks

          Click image for larger version

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            I don't think you can identify asbestos visually - but ypu can buy cheap tests at home depot if you want it tested.

            I think the issue with old bricks is usually that they were used in a kiln with asbestos-containing insulation (or heavy metals, or...)- not that the bricks originally contained asbestos
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              Originally posted by deejayoh View Post
              - but ypu can buy cheap tests at home depot if you want it tested.
              Thanks deejayoh. While you're online, if you have time I had a question for you on your spreadsheet post about the side angle. I think I'm OK to proceed but the question on brick count per course relative to inner and outer brick width still makes me curious.\



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                Actually, I just got my head wrapped around the whole spreadsheet issue I had. All set.



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                  Update on progress. Was on vacation and away from home so not a lot done. All the bricks cut for course #2 and I have almost half of them mortared (not shown in picture). I'm getting a little inconsistency in the angles so I think my jig for cutting needs to be either modified of completely re-done.

                  Couple questions before I get too far along and as I get closer to the arch

                  I've noticed a few gaps in between the bricks with no mortar. Should I not worry about them or go back and try to force as much mortar in as I can or if I do that will it just fall out later with heat and movement from the heat?

                  If I add a heat break between the inner arch and the vent/outer arch but not put a heat break in the floor bricks will it still serve a purpose? Basically it would put a break on the side/vertical portion of the arch and the actual vent opening and leaving the floor and landing bricks still in contact. Hopefully I've described this well enough for you to understand what I'm thinking.


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                    Just realizing this is not the proper forum for this build so moving over to the Pompei Build forum