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Questions on floor bricks and missed instructions by contractors - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Questions on floor bricks and missed instructions by contractors

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  • Questions on floor bricks and missed instructions by contractors

    Having my new premio2g 100 built over the last few days. I did not realize the contractors were going to build the entire oven in a day and when I returned home, I came to find a few things that did not jive with the instructions that I am currently freaking out about. I am wondering if folks could offer some advice. I am kicking myself for not just doing this on my own, but time was definitely the limiting factor.

    On the floor tiles, I know that the gap between the dome and the floor tiles is supposed to left open or, if anything, sand is to be added. They filled it with mortar that came with the kit. I know this is supposed to be left open for thermal expansion. They had said they have done this on every oven they ever built. What is the worst that is going to happen because of this and what is best case scenario?

    They also put down the floor tiles with mortar in between them and the insulation board. While this is an option, does it now prohibit me from replacing broken tiles down the road or just make it much harder?

    There are a floor tiles that have some raised lips at the seams. They are very small, but I am wondering if these can be sanded or if I should just let it go and see how things work. I was worried about catching the peels and paddles, but I have also seen some pictures where small discrepancies in height exist.

    Lastly, they put the smallest amount of mortar in between the fire brick floor tiles. I imagine this won't have the worst impact, but any advice on the impact of this would be appreciated as well.

    Just worried about it all and I am hoping that it doesn't mean I need to argue to redo the entire thing.

    Thanks for everyone's work on this forum, it is a great community. I did try to search for all of these things, but did not posts where it had happened. Only posts saying do not do it for the reasons stated in the instructions.
    -John W.

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    I would suggest you contact Forno Bravo on this. I would be concerned about the mortaring of the tiles prevent expansion and contraction of the floor tiles during the high thermal cycles. You should be able to grind off the high spots with an angle grinder or if not too big a belt sander. The acid test is whether your peel catches on the lips or not.
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      Well, turns out I couldn't handle it and made them take the entire thing apart and redo it to fix all of the issues. Nothing broke in the dismantle so all is good. Glad I can now be at peace with knowing that it was done the right way