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Best Insulated Door Design?

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  • Best Insulated Door Design?

    I have Forno Bravo steel door that came with the CASA90 - What's the best approach to insulate this door? I have access to fabrication shop with CNC, so I can cut out some more steel/alum/stainless, but need to know what should be put in between? I used up all of my ceramic blankets and FB board. If I'm missing a thread about this, please point me in the right direction. I have tried searching with different key words, but no luck.

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    As far a metal, Aluminum has the highest thermal conductivity, then Carbon steel, then SS. It depends on what temperature point you place the door on. Wood doors are possible if oven is temp is lower, ie roasting temp range. Steel doors for blast doors or higher temp range. It is possible to install vermiculate or perlite in between a sealed metal sandwich door if you are out of CaSi blanket or board. There is a door thread somewhere on the forum

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