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Suggestions for lifting prebuilt oven onto stand

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  • Suggestions for lifting prebuilt oven onto stand

    My new Dome oven is arriving in a week or so. It will set on top of this stone stand (see image below) Challenge is getting the oven into the backyard and then hoisted up to set on top of the stone stand. I have 41" clearance in my sideyard to get any lifting equipment back to the backyard patio. All concrete slab from the street to the backyard.
    The oven will be on a pallet that is 48" square so the pallet won't fit thru the sidegate. Any suggestions on getting it moved to the backyard patio and then lifting it onto the stone stand? I thought of a narrow bobcat but they can lift only 750 lbs.

    Engine lift (once the oven is in the backyard) won't be able to slide under the stone stand. I guess I'll need to rent a large crane.

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    Hi. Not sure if it's possible or doable, but they make a small skidloader (aka Bobcat) that fits through a 3' opening.


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      I second the small skid loader idea. And when you place it set it on som pices of ice so that it can then slowly descend on to the platform you are setting it onand you can remove the straps or forks you lifted it with. I know one of the small skid steers is knowen as a Dingo areound here. Good luck