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Block stand for gas casa90

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  • Block stand for gas casa90

    I am wondering if anyone has some insight as to how to best design and build the concrete hearth for a gas Casa 90 on a block stand?

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    As way of clarification I intend to purchase the approved gas unit and have it installed by a certified gas fitter.
    I am looking for advice on how to establish the opening for the gas burner in the concrete hearth I intend on pouring myself.


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      Have you looked at FB's tech/installation manuals? It shows info on installing their Drago gas units on a CMU base and a concrete hearth.
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        i will have another look


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          I will try this.
          This is how I plan to proceed.
          The hearth will be made be 3.5 inches of concrete poured on .5 inch backer board.
          Lets assume, dangerous I know, that the insulation board sand and oven floor add up to another 4inches.
          I will layout the oven floor on the backer board and identify where the gas unit will be.
          I will cut a hole in and bolt the flange to the backer board prior to pouring the concrete.
          Pour the concrete around the flange.
          if the flange is 9 inches or longer I should be gold.
          Any red flags?


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            Hi Canada Gary,

            "Gas assist" is above most of our pay grades. It is definitely above mine . Let me help get you in touch with Anthony_FB and/or Alex_FB at Forno Bravo. They should be able to help you.
            joe watson

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              Thanks so much Gulf! Didn’t want to spend the extra dough but municipal bylaws prohibit “wood fired appliances “ out doors in the city limits.
              Check out Kelowna firestorm 2003.
              Thanks again!


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                Canada Gary I have attached a photo that should help clarify things. As you can see the mounting plate to the top of the burner head is 12 1/4'' . Ideally you want the burner head to be 1'' above
                the cooking surface . So you have several options, you can make some little brackets to lower the burner , or use spacers . Or make your concrete hearth thicker .
                Click image for larger version

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                Anthony | Technical Support
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                  Thanks Anthony!
                  Does my approach outlined above make sense.
                  I am thinking spacers would be the best way to tackle this.
                  that would require some pretty long bolts and 3.5 inches of spacers