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Super disappointing first firing :(

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  • Super disappointing first firing :(

    Hey guys - I just turned on the gas to my Vesuvio 90 gas/wood oven today and sadly could not get the temperature of the floor beyond 400 despite it firing for 90 minutes. I had what looked like a large mostly blue flame licking the center of the dome (using natural gas) but smelled natural gas despite having done a leak check earlier today. Any theories? Is it possible Iím not getting enough gas? Super bummed, as I think increasing the amount of gas will require some serious plumbing. Any help is appreciated!

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    No theories or speculations on the gas option. We need to get you in touch with Forno Bravo's Technical Department. You may already have their contact info. But, I will alert Alex_FB .
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      Thanks, Joe. Reached out to them and scheduled a visit from the guy who ran my plumbing. Managed to save the night by having some decent indoor bake results and a delicious chicken tinga pizza that I'm going to have to make regularly.


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        I am sure with Joe forwarding the info to Alex that you will get an answer. A couple things come to mind on my end. Does the installation manual show that cure fires are required on these turn key ovens, an uncured oven will not get to the right temps right off the bat. Second, I worked in the natural gas industry and since the burners can use either natural gas or propane, a propane orifice is smaller (more BTUs per SCF) and if this is the case a larger orifice is required for natural gas (FB should have both or maybe both were supplied with oven). Smell, the odorant used in natural gas is olfactory indicator that there is a leak somewhere. it does not take much of a leak to be able to smell, your plumber should have what is called a Tiff leak detector, soap test may not be good enough.
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          PalmettoPizza thanks for the reach out. Your oven can reach far beyond 400 on gas so certainly sounds like something is up with the largely blue flame. The information provided by UtahBeehiver above is a 100% a great place for your plumber to start. If you wouldn't mind, I would shoot another message to our support team via the website, or directly. We had a contact form outage for a bit and I don't want your message to go unanswered.