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  • Lift and place Giardino70

    I have a one piece oven and need to figure out how to lift and place on to the insulation. (I thought it came in pieces.) Could I use a cherry picker and straps? Any suggestion are appreciated. thx

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    Hi Jeff,

    Welcome to the forum. I have no first hand experience with the Giardino. However, It is my understanding that the Giardino is a "turnkey" oven. It should already be insulated under the oven floor. I also understand that there are four mounting points on the oven which are used to bolt it to the Forno Bravo oven stand.(I'm assuming that you did not order the stand) I'm not sure if the anchor points can be used for lifting.

    'll alert Alex_FB . I'm sure that the Forno Bravo staff can advise on the best way of doing this.
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      Hello Jeff Talmadge Gulf - I went ahead and alerted Anthony over at support to answer this question for you asap. He will be able to give sound advice on how to move this oven into place safely.


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        Jeff Talmadge Gulf The Giordino 70 only comes as kit , dome , insulation board , insulation blankets and firebrick floor . While the dome only comes in one piece it is very light in weight , I would estimate 200 lbs tops . 2 people should be able to lift it with no issues as we do it here at the facility all the time . Extra equipment should not be needed.