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Gas Oven for Indoor Use?

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  • Gas Oven for Indoor Use?

    I've had wood ovens before but we are redoing our indoor kitchen and want a "centerpiece" natural gas oven, like the Forno Bravo Vesuvio. Any suggestions for a gas oven that can be used indoors? I'm not 100% sure why some of the outdoor ones can't be used indoors unless the manufacturers just haven't gone through the approval process. We would even consider a commercial oven but would prefer something that isn't huge, definitely under 40".

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    Hi Ohmylord,

    Welcome to the forum. The gas option is above my pay grade. I'm going to alert Alex_FB . Forno Bravo should be able to help you with your question.
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      Appreciate it Gulf. Hello Ohmylord.

      Forno Bravo residential gas ovens are not yet rated for indoor use with the current P1 burner as a matter of safety - negative pressure, carbon monoxide build up, etc... We are, however, looking into this as we speak. What's your timeline looking like for your new centerpiece? I may have options for you but I'm waiting to hear back.



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        I have the same question.

        We are completing a kitchen renovation and our kitchen backs up to the fireplace as an exhaust. Would be interested in any thoughts, recommendations.



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          Alex, we are just starting a build out so probably 3-4 months.

          Thanks, Pete