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  • Casa80 or Casa90

    We are on the fence whether to buy the Casa80 or the Casa90 Wood Burning Kits. We have limited outdoor space but wondered if people who have the 80 feel it is limiting or they are pleased with it. We will primarily be cooking pizzas but would like to occasionally do some bread. We also wondered if you needed extra insulation in addition to what is provided in the kit. We appreciate any advice we can get. Thanks!

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    The casa 80 is a 32" oven. I think you would probably be fine with that size especially if you are tight on space. Bigger is nice but you will need to decide how much cooking space you need. As for insulation what it comes with is in the neighborhood of normal. You could maybe do some more under the floor but is completely unnecessary as it will reach temperature as is.


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      When I built mine I went big - 42 inches. At the end of the day it requires more fuel to heat up and it is WAY bigger then I needed. If space is tight, I think the 80 will serve you well. Unless you want to throw a whole hog into it which I have yet to do ;-)
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        It is good to see some of the old timers still perusing the blog. I have to agree with Les, I also built a 42" oven, it is a party oven, it is not made to cook a couple pizza and call it good. DavidS has a small oven, something in the 24" range and he can still cook up a pretty good storm.
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          Thanks so much for the helpful replies and sorry about the delayed response. Your ovens are truly amazing! We will definitely not go with a 42" oven.