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Right Materials for Igloo Shaping Casa 80

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  • Right Materials for Igloo Shaping Casa 80

    Reading the installation manual at

    "First, you can create the Igloo using stucco lathe and insulating concrete. The insulating concrete is then covered with a thin finish coat of waterproof stucco."

    Is the insulating concrete layer necessary if using 3" insulation blanket?


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    That depemds on how "pefectly" formed that you want the igloo to be. Though, the balnket insuation can be fitted fairly unifornily, it takes a little effort. The vermiculite or perlite concrete can help to get back to a more symetrical dome shape.
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      HI Gulf,

      thank you for your response. I ended up using the insulating layer based on your suggestion and the dome ended up being fairly spherical
      thank you for your help

      Click image for larger version

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        What type of insulating concrete did you use?


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          I mixed vermiculite with the cement mix until the texture looked good. Unfortunately It has been a while so I don't remember the details. I do remember that I tried to use 5:1 vermiculite/cement mix suggested by other threads and the texture did not feel right so I probably ended up doing 2:1 or even less.


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            Attached is a recommended ratio for either under the floor or over the dome. 2 to 1 is really not a insulating medium but rather more structural. Click image for larger version

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