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how to cut FB board to size

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  • how to cut FB board to size

    I just bought a Casa 90 wood oven. I have a question about cutting the FB board. Can I cut the FB board to size with a grinder using a mason wheel after I have set the oven dome pieces? This seems easier than cutting it into pieces and then trying to get the dome pieces set on top of it.

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    Hi Ben,

    Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on the Casa 90. It is going to be fun!

    The cutting wheel will create way too much dust. An oscillating tool with a scraper blade would be a better choice for the job. But, the fiber board is easy to cut. You can work your way around the circumference with simple hand tools. A stiff knife, key hole saw, a jigsaw blade clamped in the jaws of some vice grip pliars etc.

    Wear the appropriate PPE for cutting "refractory ceramic fibers".

    EDIT: I just went back and reviewed your post. The oven dome and floor should be sitting on top of the insulation, separated from the structural hearth. I'm just checking to make sure that we are on the same page lol.
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      If you have one, can borrow one, or need an excuse to buy one,a Sawzall with a long blade is a great tool for cutting board. I sketched out my dome OD, then clamped the board to the tailgate of my truck and just zipped along the line. I pulled the truck away from anything I didn't want fibers on and wore a respirator. This seem way faster and more accurate than trying to hack away at the board after the dome is sitting on it.
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