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    Hello from a newbie! We've had a lot of rain lately, and the area around the entrance to my oven is damp. I'm not sure I'd call it wet, but some of the ash from the last fire I had was clearly a bit mushy. Do I need to cure the oven again???? (Ugh. What a pain!) Can I cook in it?

    Any help is much appreciated! I have a Forno Bravo manufactured Primavera 70. Thanks!

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    Hi HPD,

    Welcome to the forum. And, sorry for the late reply. Yes you can cook in it. Just take it slow on bringing it up to pizza temps. The dome is probably just fine. The floor is what you should be conserned about. However, the floor temp lags way behind the dome when firing. Again, just take it slow on the first firing.

    My advice is to fabricate a storm door to help protect the entry from driving rains in the future.

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