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New Giardino 70 build and rain

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  • New Giardino 70 build and rain

    I am just finishing up my Giardino 70 build and was between the final stucco layer and my first fire when we had a good rain one night. The FB and fire brick at the opening got very wet. I am sure some of the water got to the FB because I have not finished a landing yet, but I am also sure some simply blew in through the opening. I don't have an arch and wasn't planning on one.
    Is the FB getting wet an issue? I imagine it can't be good for it, but short of a whole oven cover or some sort of cover for just the front, can't figure out how to keep water out of the front. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

    Most of the oven pictures I have seen have this opening exposed, so I am assuming those are getting wet as well.

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    Some people make a storm door that fits the outer edge of the oven opening, IE Gulf did one, look in his thread.
    Google Photo Album []


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      Thanks. I have been thinking of something like that as well. Maybe something as simple as a plywood board cut smaller than the opening with rubber or foam around the edge to conform to the shape.