Hi Folks,
Seven years and five months since I joined this forum and I am finally ordering an oven

I am planning to order a Casa 2G 90. I want to finish it with a gabled roof with brick. Brick veneer if I can find the right one, or full bricks if I cannot find the veneer. In order to figure out the dimensions of my hearth I am looking at the Toscana 90 with gabled roof drawings and I see that FB uses a 51" wide by 58 1/2" deep hearth (if I am reading the drawing correctly). I will ask FB when I call to order, but I figured if I am writing down my thoughts I might as well run them by y'all. I just want to mark out the dimension on my existing pad (there used to be a hot tub in my yard) and see what the flow would be like.

If a full brick is 3-5/8" wide and I assume that the published dimensions of the gabled Toscana 90 are good for steel studs, backer board, and mortar, then the 51" wide would go to 58 1/4" (51 + 3 5/8 + 3 5/8) and the 58 1/2" would go to 65 3/4".

Does that sound close?

Next question:

Single or double wall for the chimney? I assumed that the Toscana had a double wall but the specs show a single. If I use plywood for the roof then I think I need a double wall chimney, right? I guess if I built a brick chimney around the steel chimney then it does not matter as the brick would protect the plywood roof. I am going to be watching a lot of brick laying and roofing videos

Thanks for your advice. I am excited to be getting started on this.