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  • Received My Casa2g90

    Received my Casa2g90 last week and finished up the base for the oven this past weekend (included some photos). Excited to start constructing the oven. Wanted to share my plans to see if the Forno Bravo gurus see any glaring issues.
    1. Lay out the oven floor tiles where the oven will sit and trace around it. Remove the oven floor tiles.
    2. Drill 3 or 4 weep holes down through the concrete slab within the outlined oven floor.
    3. Position the FOAMGLAS on the concrete slab (originally I was going to have small tiles underneath the foamglas, but I was advised this wasn't needed)
    4. Place the ceramic fiber board on top of the FOAMGLAS.
    5. (add aluminum foil on top of the ceramic fiber board?)
    6. Add thin layer of sand on top of ceramic fiber board
    7. Set oven floor on top of sand and ensure it's level.
    8. Set dome pieces on ceramic fiber board surrounding oven floor.
    9. Apply refractory mortar to the out side of dome only.
    Click image for larger version

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    Base was done nicely. Comments, 5. What is the purpose of the aluminum foil? 6. Should be a mix of 50/50 clay/sand and only if needed for leveling.
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      Thanks Russell, It feels really good to have the base and all the foundational work done.

      The aluminium foil was recommended to create a water barrier from the oven floor to the ceramic fiber board.

      In one of my photos I show a picture of the Ceramic Fiber board that I received in the crate. It was not cut very precisely, do you see this being an issue when trying to create the pieces to fit under the oven? Is this how others have received their ceramic fiber board?


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        I am not sure who recommended aluminum foil as a water barrier but it goes both ways, if water gets in, and it will it, also acts as a barrier for letting water egress out. I can't say how other receive the floor insulation. What is the issue you are concerned about? Are you enclosing the oven with a structure, if so just leave proud. If not you probably need to precut board from a cardboard template.
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          Yeah, your right, I will nix the aluminum foil. I've gone back and fourth with enclosing or not. At this point I plan to keep it an igloo as we are planning to finish it in tile. Any recommendations when finishing with tile?


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            Can't help you there, I did not use tiles, but a solid substrate is a must.
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              Question for when I cut the insulation.

              Should I cut the FOAMGLAS and CERAMIC FIBER board to exend a little past the dome, or should it be flush?

              Click image for larger version

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                I'm at the point where i'm about to start a brick dome. I found that cutting the multiple insulation layers and getting it lined up perfectly before the hearth weighed it down was problematic. Cutting it larger than i needed gave me a little play, and it will be easy to shave flush with the outer dome later (if i decide to do so). My brick dome is a bit different situation, but i'd expect it to hold true for any style, as long as you have a bit of excess of your boards.

                I also used foam glass and ceramic fiber. I went ahead and used porcelain tile under the foamglass. I don't believe it will hurt anything, and the cheapest tile at HD was only $30 for my 50" dome. instead of the glued sheets tile i see some folks use, I just used large pieces.