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Steel Stud Base vs CMU

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  • Steel Stud Base vs CMU

    Has anyone utilized metal studs for the oven base instead of CMU? I will be placing my Primavera 70 atop an outdoor kitchen countertop. Our contractor wants to construct the whole island out of steel studs with hardibacker and 3.5” concrete countertops. The base for the oven would have studs spaced 12” OC with some bracing and open for wood storage underneath. Curious to know if there is anybody that has gone this route. Thanks for your help!

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    What size would the base be? The fornobravo plans for a 36" oven estimates 17 80lb bags of concrete for the hearth slab. That's over 1300 pounds by itself. I would doubt the ability of a steel stud base to hold that plus they weight of an oven and the outer enclosure. I'm no expert though.


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      Hi Grahamstein, the base will essentially be 44” x 44”. My oven is a Primavera 70, which weighs about 800lbs itself, but the contractor is planning for 3.5” concrete countertops, so your point is well taken. Interested to hear if others have the same feeling. I’m running out of time to make any changes. Construction on the outdoor kitchen/oven base will start late this week. Thanks again.


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        At those measurements your talking about another 500 pounds of concrete just for the counters. Not to mention any other materials that get out on there. While it's certainly possible that a steel stud base will hold the 1300+ pounds sitting on it, I'm not sure I would bet the cost of the oven on it. I think rigidity and lateral forces would pose the biggest problem. Is this being built attached to supporting structures on the sides that might act as bracing?