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Flue or stucco first ?

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  • Flue or stucco first ?

    I have a FB Girando70, got it placed and am ready to stucco and put on flue.

    My 2 questions are, should I put the flue on before or after I stucco ? I searched the forum but couldn't find a particularly straight answer.

    Second, should I start my curing fires before the stucco for steam to escape? Or stucco first then curing fires ?

    Thanks again

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    If it’s a Fornobravo oven you should be following the provided instructions or addressing your questions to them, as this forum is for DIY builders.
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      Sorry, I should have explained that if you take advice here that turns out badly and is contrary to the manufacturers instructions, you could end up with warranty issues.
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        Hi Mandrews0809,

        Welcome to the forum. I'm going to alert to alert Alex_FB and the Forno Bravo staff about your question. There may be an answer in one of the above topics in Forno Bravo Ovens Installation. Hopefully, one of the Forno Bravo kit oven owners will reply, though they don't hang around the forum as long after their install as we would like. In the mean time, FornoBravo has a great Resource Page. It has a lot of info and videos about their installs.

        Like David, I don't want to violate your warranty but, I think that you will be OK with curing the oven before the stucco is placed as long as you can keep the insulation protected from the elements. To do that, you will need to install the flue. If time is of the essence, I need to know if you have a single or double wall flue pipe.
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