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Purchased a Bella 36" in Dec - now floor is uneven

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  • Purchased a Bella 36" in Dec - now floor is uneven

    We purchased a Bella 36" in December 2020, tried to contact Forno Bravo a few times via the web form and never heard back. The oven sits on the supplied stainless steel cart/stand outside. The rear row of floor tile seems to be about a 1/16" higher than the other floor tiles. As well there seems to now be a larger floor tile in the front that is not even with rest of the floor. The front one isn't as much an issue as its higher and the peel doesn't get caught on the next row of tiles, but the rear tiles catch the peel making it difficult at times to slide under the pizza. Any help is appreciated.

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    That is strange that FB has not gotten back with you. I will forward to FB from this end and have them get hold of you. But you can take the edge off lip with an angle grinder with a diamond cup. Some builders able to adjust with a belt sander and a coarse grit belt.
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      Photo of the rear ridge


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        hphock I only see one support ticket in our system from yesterday regarding this. Very sorry the support team has not gotten to it yet. I have notified them to get with you and I shared the image as well you just posted.


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          Better photo of the rear tile. The under side of the unit might be the culprit. Seems to be sagging slightly in the middle even though it's on the Forno supplied cart.


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            hphock Thank you - I saw that the support team responded to your question. Go ahead and send over the request photos in that email reply.