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Primavera70 stand

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  • Primavera70 stand

    Hello all,

    Here are photos of the new Primavera70 stand/frame that we introduced today.

    It is an angle iron frame that makes it easy to create a "built-in" look for the larger (28" cooking floor) Primavera70 oven. It is very stable and easy to attach Hardibacker for either a stucco, stone or brick finish. The stand is 45" wide x 49" deep, allowing for a 2" reveal on the back and sides and a 6" landing in front of the oven opening. The top tray holds Hardibacker for pouring a 2" concrete hearth.

    It comes knocked down for easy shipping. It's fast, lightweight and cost-effective relative to a concrete block stand.

    You can contact us if you are interested or would like more information.
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    Re: Primavera70 stand

    We purchased the stand with a Giardino 70 oven. And have 2 questions to date.
    1. Doi you need to secure the stand to the foundation, or can just rest on the concrete pad?
    2. Do you drill out the backer board to provide clearance for the heads of the bolts?
    We are on our way! Thanks for any input.