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  • angle iron

    i have noticed some oven bases being built in a u- shape with no angle iron across the front , does anybody have any thoughts on this, is it o.k.

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    Arched door

    An arched door is more work, needing a wood form of some sort to support it while the mortar cures. I think it looks much more elegant, and is worth the work.

    By the way, that lintel and top course of blocks may not even be necessary, if the reinforced slab goes directly on the blocks (rather than have the insulating layer below as was the original practice) I think Marcel made his stand without that top course. I'm not sure it's even that strong, depending upon the angle iron for support.

    So yes, making an arched decorative door is great, especially since it may not have to support much more than itsself.
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      Angle iron on the stand?

      Hey Tommy,

      I'm back in the office.

      I think you are talking about the "arch" into the wood store under the oven. You can build one of those as a decorative, not structural effect. You use the angle iron in the stand, then finish the opening with an arch. If I had an oven to build right now, I would do the stand that way.

      As dmun noted, you can build the opening into the oven chamber itself as a brick arch. The Artigiano is built that way, and a handful of Pompeii builders have done that. The arch into the Casa oven chamber is naturally curved.

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        Bigger door opening into the closet

        You could also bypass the the angle iron and the 4th course of block over the opening by adding either Rectangular Structural Tubing or Round Structural Tubing, thus spanning the opening and embedding the tube in the 4th course.

        something like



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          rectangular tubing ?

          sounds interesting, are there any examples of this or maybe a quick class in ihow to



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            structural tube

            look for thread number 19


            the 2nd photo has a clear picture. I believe Chad put down a precast refactory hearth. Using pipe to span the space is what james will call outside the norm of building plans for the Pompeii oven. However this is what the forum is for.

            For engineering a structural round tube will provide very good support. At time though depending on the weight a rectangular tube would be more appropriate. If you use the tube make the longer sides the verticles and the shorter sides the top and bottom surfaces.