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building a truss for a barrel vault oven

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  • building a truss for a barrel vault oven

    We are finishing up the chimney on Monday, then making a truss to support the walls and arches due to the inherently weak design. The picture sent by Tscarborough is my model for the truss. It looks to me that it is made of channel iron, rather than angle iron. I don't know where to get channel iron, only angle iron.

    I want the truss to lie as flat as possible against my walls, especially in front so I can make the facing without the truss interfering. Does it look to you like it is channel iron, and if so, do you have any suggestions as to where I could get that, or something else that would lie flat against the walls and front?


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    Re: building a truss for a barrel vault oven

    You are close to Philly, look do a goggle for used steel, check craigs list too or maybe Restore in Philly.
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