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Thin walled Barrel Vault on wheels

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    Re: Thin walled Barrel Vault on wheels

    I'm not too sure if I understand you or not. When you say a permanent stand do you mean permanent metal or stone. If metal, I would just build it like it is now and not use wheels. If you are talking about a brick stand, then just use the normal method (forno bravo plans). If you take a look at the build by WJW (Bill) you'll get a better sense how do to the buttressing using brick. It's all pretty easy stuff. This was the first project I ever welded outside of some tomato cages, so don't think that's outside your skill set. Wish you all the best.


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      Re: Thin walled Barrel Vault on wheels

      Another great bake today. This time I did rye bread. I have to say, I've never had a bad bake. I think it's more of an outstanding recipe, than skill. Here's what I do:

      8pm the night before: 200g starter, 400g flour, 400g water. Mix, let it sit covered.
      8am morning: add to the mix 2600g flour, 1420g warm water, 60g salt. Knead (it will be wet and shaggy). Do stretch and folds every 30-40 minutes.
      11am: Divide into 500g balls (makes 10) then shape. Cover and let rise (I've been rising it on parchment paper lately).
      1pm: check the dough, if ready, score it, and place in the oven (usually about 515F) . Take it out when the color is good.

      Very simple recipe, and its never let me down
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        Re: Thin walled Barrel Vault on wheels

        This is my largest bake yet. 20 500g loaves.


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          Click image for larger version

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          Status update. My oven is still going strong. Only issue I have had of late is one of the tiles seems a little loose. Other than that, she's performing well and has required no maintenance other than basic cleaning every once in a while. I started it up last night with the intention of warming it up for a bread bake today. Built a nice fire, and enjoyed the ambiance with my lovely wife and a glass of wine. This morning the oven still had a bunch of coals, which I promptly took out. The oven was at 686 F! I left the door off for a while and when the bread finally went in, the oven was about 540 F. Another rocking batch of bread. My recipe is a winner!


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            Great! looking batch of bread, Okn. Looks like you have a happy customer
            Joe Watson " A year from now, you will wish that you had started today" My Build Album / My Build


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              It's been almost 5 years and the oven is still going strong. No issues other than the occasional piece of tile that falls off (which I just glue back on). Still making pizza and bread like a champ. Definitely a party pleaser.


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                I had some loose tiles on the roof. I decided to pop them off and take a look at what was going on. Wasn't looking too good.

                Had plenty of cracks on the hardibacker. I guess standing on it wasn't a good idea. I had a little bit of surface rust going on. It was clear that water was getting inside.


                Fairly obvious that it needed some better support, just in case I decided to stand on it again. I cleaned the whole mess up and welded in a couple more supports.

                Then I screwed down the cement board and waterproofed it with that stuff they use for showers. Called Red Guard or something like that.

                Finished it up with some blue tile and charcoal colored grout.

                I expect this to last a bit longer than the other roof.


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                  Pizza couple nights ago bread today. Click image for larger version

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