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My build - stainless lined barrel dome or traditional?

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  • My build - stainless lined barrel dome or traditional?

    Hello all,
    I just started my wfo build and this site has been an incredible source of information. Thank you!
    I have the base, lower form, steel frame, concrete (with re-bar) lower deck and upper perlite / portland (5:1) insulation deck poured.

    I am at a stand still as fire bricks are very hard to come by in my area. I was able to purchase 60 full sized bricks and I know that is not nearly enough to complete a "traditional" brick dome. I would like to build a fairly small oven - 25" round or "24 barrel vault design.

    Here are my current options:
    I have a 55 gallon stainless barrel that I can cut in half length (top to bottom) to form a stainless liner. It would be a 24" x 35" barrel dome.
    I also have a 15.5 gallon beer keg (heavier stainless) - 14" x 24" barrel dome when split.
    Would it be possible to cover one of these liners with dense refractory and then cover that layer with insulating refractory (perlite/portland mix) and perhaps some ceramic blanket?

    I have also considered building a form and pouring my own cast-able refractory. An old-timer mason told me that equal parts portland, sand and fire clay would make the best castable (1:1:1); however, I read that others have used a different mix?

    The time aspect of building a form, cutting barrels or sourcing more bricks to build a fire brick dome - all seems to be about the same amount of effort. What are your recommendations, thoughts on these options?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: My build - stainless lined barrel dome or traditional?

    ...with perlcrete insulation deck and granite prep shelf.