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    Re: Hearth temperature

    Thanks again, everybody.

    That's a good idea, cutting off the bottom, v12spirit, but I'm afraid that's a bigger job (and beyond my ability) than I care to undertake in the short term. But all those underside cavities are very well filled with insulation.

    I think the first thing I'll try as per Mitchamus (and others) is doing a better job of heating the bricks.

    And I will certainly report back!



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      Re: Hearth temperature

      A little update on the oven and hearth temp. This weekend I fired the oven much longer: a little more than two hours. I spread hot coals over the entire hearth as per the instructions of Mithcamus and cobblerdave. Those two things total solved my problem. I just today bought an infrared thermometer, so I don't know what the temp was, but it was SO much hotter and, most importantly, cooked the pizzas as I want it to. A big success!

      So thanks so much to everyone for the wisdom and excellent advice. My next step is to place more fire bricks in the interior to create some extra thermal mass/heat retention and to reduce the size of the oven opening a little.

      Thanks again!



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        Re: Hearth temperature

        Remember only change one thing at a time......
        Great to hear you happy with your latest pizza efforts
        Thanks for the report
        Regards dave
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          Re: Hearth temperature

          Originally posted by jinsko View Post
          As for firing, Gianni, I guess I'm not entirely sure what a "good coal bed" really is. I get a really good fire going. I let it go for a good while. But I do NOT spread a layer of hot coals over the entire hearth. Is that what you mean? I'd love to see a picture of that if you (or anyone else) has one.
          This might be a photo of a good coal bed, even if a little out of focus.