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  • Temporary chimney

    Hi Everyone-

    Winter is coming and I'm hoping to use my newly built (but not yet finished) oven even during the cold months. But since we don't have time to do a real exterior until spring, we built a temporary shelter out of treated plywood (pics below).

    I expected some smoke blackening, but what I (stupidly) didn't quite expect was that the front of the plywood would burn from the heat that escapes through the chimney vent-- oops!

    So now I'd like to build a fast, cheap, temporary chimney. But I'm not sure what to use to do it. Anybody have any clever suggestions? The arch with the vent in it (pic below) is a steel plate that I had fabricated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Temporary chimney

    All you need is some basic black stove pipe from the local hardware store.


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      Re: Temporary chimney

      You can make one out of dry stacked bricks.

      It's not safe, but it satisfies you requirements for fast, cheap and temporary

      here is a pic from my thread:

      My 2nd Build:
      Is here


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        Re: Temporary chimney

        I think I would go with stacked bricks; might be a bit tricky with the arch though. You could maybe get some concrete board and rig a rectangular duct.