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Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

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  • Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

    Hi everyone. I'm not quite in a position to build myself one of these big beauties wood burning, but I would like to pick your brains.

    I'm building an "emergency" wood fired rocket cooking stove. It's the design cast straight into a 5 gallon bucket with L-shaped pieces of PVC pipe inserted for the intake/ heat riser. We have an electric oven in the home, and if the power goes out I still need to cook! That's the idea in its most basic form. I plan to make a couple of these in small and large sizes.

    I have some questions about the materials to use. I want this thing to endure, so doing it for the absolutely lowest price isn't too much of a priority. Mainly, I don't want cracking, or lumps falling off. Lots of Youtube videos describe mixing portland cement with vermiculite - but this leads to very fast deterioration. This won't be left outside in all weathers.

    Please can you let me which choice of materials is best suited to this purpose.

    Castable - KL16F. A Fine 1600 Grade castable suitable for applications where the thickness is 2" or less, and can withstand upto 1600C.
    - mixed with - 1-2% steel needles mixed in for strength. Do I also need to add vermiculite here? I would simply pour this into the bucket, around the PVC pipe, tamp down, remove tubes. Once cured, the bucket will be cut away.


    A design with firebricks arranged inside the bucket, forming a central burn chamber and initial heat riser, and then continuing with the method described above? This sort of thing...

    OR... something better!

    This seems to be the best place on the web, so please can you critique my plan or share your guidance if you've built one yourself. Thanks!

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    Re: Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

    If you are after the best I wouldn't use either method. I would use a stainless steel hot face and ceramic fiber insulation around it.


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      Re: Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

      Like he said, rocket stoves do not rely on thermal mass, so use SS and ceramic fiber insulation.


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        Re: Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

        great stuff, guys. thanks. at least I know the direction my build should head towards now.


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          Re: Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

          If you are set on using castable you could also try getting an insulating castable that is suitable as a hot face.The problem is that the more insulating it is the less strength it has and that creates abrasion problems.
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            Re: Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

            Ive been looking at rocket stoves.
            for a portable one
            The internals of the silverfire seem about perfect.
            Stainless steel flue, stainless bucket full of ceramic fibre insulation,cast iron trivet.
            For a permanent one a stainless flue in-cased in ceramic fibre and then in masonry.
            For a cheap one lot of mud brick designs on the net.
            Im still trying to work out if I want my one portable or not.
            I cook on the balcony but there is no room for permanent so I might build a permanent one near the side of the pizza oven in the front yard or have a portable for were I cook and eat now.
            Its part of the reason the WFO isnt built yet either.
            I cant get it were I really want it,without major structural work on the balcony.
            Balcony has a view and furniture yard is really the only available flat spot on the block near the door.
            Everything will be just cooked there and walked through the house to where we eat. ...not ideal.
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              Re: Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

              TropicalCoasting, that's what I'm going for. I'm going fasten castors to the bottom so I can at least wheel the thing in and out of the garage.

              What gauge SS would you recommend for the hot-face and flue in a stove of this type? I've read about 1.5mm pitting and pin-holing under very high temps.

              Also, 304 or 316?



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                Re: Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

                Im no expert but I have been looking at something like a ss exhaust pipe from ebay.
                They come in 4 and 5 inch and 90 degree angles.(truck wreckers would be handy)
                But when I do the maths and include the drum and the welding and the trivet and the insulation,it gets harder not to just buy the ready made one if I go portable.
                Freight is the killer though and I do like making stuff from scrap if possible.

                Then there is J tube for self feed and L tube for shorter or more hands on burns

                Im also interested in TLUDs (clean burn and bio char)
                There is an Australian designed combination TLUD/rocket made inside an old Propane tank

                Im very much in the research stage.
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                  Re: Help needed from you experts: cooking stove

                  Stove Design - Stove Design Many ideas here......P.S. metal of any kind will eventually burn out...I would suggest some type of masonry product...
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