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  • Pumice Concrete and youtube build

    I found this pizza oven build on youtube and would like to hear what the experts here think about this. I am really attracted to it for its portability and weight. I am currently renting and it looks like an awesome solution to the problem of not being able to do a large build where I am currently located. The guy has another video showing him getting the oven up to 850. Questions:

    Is pumice concrete considered to be a refractory material?

    What are the pros and cons of such an oven build? It obviously looks thinner than a traditional build, so I assume its not well insulated - but could it cook pizza well at the necessary high temperatures?

    The guy grinds his own pumice that he collects, but I have found a distributor very close to me - If the material is appropriate, which grade do I want? It seems very cheap - $90 for 2500lb and they are wiling to divide it into smaller quantities for me.

    He recommends two month dry time - that seems very long, any comments on that?

    What would you do differently/improve on this design? He uses some clay tile on top of the floor he made in another video - would it make more sense to just make a firebrick floor, or embed a pizza stone in the floor? "light" weight is important to me - it doesnt have to be crazy light obviously, but i'd like it to be moveable by two people.

    Appreciate any comments and advice - is there another material/design I should be looking at for a smaller "portable" oven like this?


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    Hi Alex,

    Welcome to the forum. Many wished they had never seen that video . Not all that went that route are satisfied with the results. I did not realize it until now but, jacobyu started several threads about this inefficient method. Here is one with some replies
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