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  • Insulation/Thermal Mass

    Hello. Iím planning on building a wood fired oven with a barrel vault (Alan Scott~esc). I planned on having a 2 calcium silicate board topped with 1 of perlite/concrete underneath the hearth. I planned on the hearth being 2.25 thick firebrick. I also planned on the walls and dome being 2.25 thick with 2-3 of ceramic fiber blanket skinned with 1 of perlite/concrete. I would like to use the oven for baking pizza as well as bread, and wanted to know if this sounds like it would hold heat well enough for bread. Thanks!

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    Thermal mass as well as good insulation is essential for long heat retention, andy your proposal appears a bit light on in both. Having said that the time taken to cook pizza and bread is relatively small and almost and oven can achieve both


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      Be careful when building an Allen Scott style oven from what I habe hears there are some major pitfalls and design flaws that are in the plans. Yes you need thermal mass and insulation but you can get carried away with both. How much bread are you looking to bake? I am pretty sure a standard Pompeii oven will do more than most families could eat in a week or 2. And how long are you looking foe it to stay hot? Mine can take 10 days or more to cool to under 100F.



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        Curious how this played out? I'd like to use ceramic/calcium silicate board. I'm at the stage of needing to set that, but is it better to have a cement hearth/foundation under the board, or on top of it? Assuming I'd have something on top of those to go under brick (regardless of what's underneath/on top). Thanks for the basic info, but curious experiences from all, many thx