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Added another 2 coats - small fires again ???

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  • Added another 2 coats - small fires again ???

    Hi, we have built our pizza oven originally with a vermiculite, clay, sand & cement mix, waited a week and then slowly built up the fires over time in order to prevent cracking. We have successfully cooked pizzas etc in the oven for the last month and the oven is holding its heat and we are very happy with it. (we only had a couple of tiny cracks in it.) However, as we live in Scotland, we felt that we should add to the original shell as our weather can be very variable. So this week, we mixed up cement, sand and lime to add another layer to our pizza oven. After that had dried out, we added render (it is equivalent to your stucco.) and we have then put some mosaic tiles about 8 inches high round the bottom of the oven. The question is do we start off again with little fires gradually making them bigger over time like we did when we initially built it?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS I would have posted a photo but it started to pour of rain....