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Homebrew cast oven by the sea

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  • Homebrew cast oven by the sea

    I've started the build of my 32" home-brew cast oven. I've removed the sod from the area where I'll be pouring a 4" thick slab. I'm planning for the slab to be level with the slab under the house so will be adding a bit of fill dirt (sand) to the area before I place the form(the line in the photo is level with the under-house slab). A few questions:
    1. The stand will be 3x3 CBUs - so 46.5" on a side. I was thinking about making the slab +3" all around making it a 52.5"x52.5" slab - is this big enough?
    2. I was figuring on 8 pieces of 1/2" rebar in a grid pattern - I seem to recall that the rebar shouldn't be closer than ~3" from the edge - is this correct?
    3. How long should the slab cure before stacking the CBUs for the stand?

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    It is always better to leave yourself a little more room than you need. I'm not sure how you plan for insulation etc. but if you are planning a 32" internal oven diam, and a 2" inner casting with two layers of 1" blanket, then a couple of inches of vermicrete and a 1" outer shell (assuming igloo rather than dog kennel style) it all adds up to 46". However the entry at the front will take up extra room so you need to account for this too. The supporting slab needs to be deeper than it is wide to accomodate this. If you build the supporting slab counterlevered over the stand you can make it bigger than the foundation slab, but it requires more form work to build it this way. The foundation slab should really be the same size as the supporting slab for stability.

    Yes, keep the steel a couple of inches inside the edge of the concrete slab.
    Put plastic down before pouring the slab and cover it for a week. This will retain moisture to enhance strength.
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