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Tiny clay oven.

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  • Tiny clay oven.

    I知 currently finishing plans for a commercial bread oven but in the meantime I知 toying with the idea of building a tiny portable oven to take to my Market stalls and serve tartine sandwiches and other toasted delights.

    So so my question for today is how thin could I make the clay (or other material i.e. castable) and still have it strong enough to be usable.

    I知 thinking of having a cooking area about 30cm across plus a small area for fire next to that so probably 45cm interior.

    Thanks in advance.


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    You need to take a look at David S (of Australia) threads and post. He does cast ovens that are small and can give you insight on this type of building process.
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      Dylan, in answer to your question of cast wall thickness you will want to be aiming for something in the 5-6 cm thickness (~2") on your casting for the portable oven. As David S always encourages, this includes adding stainless steel needles to the cast mix for supplemental strength.

      In addition to threads/posts by David S, suggested by Russell above, you might want to check out Karangi Dude's (also of Australia) entries here on the forum on portable/mobile oven builds.

      If you haven't picked up on the best way to search this site...it's through Google. Try entering the following in the Google search bar (the site portion restricts the search to within the forum here)

      mobile pizza ovens site:community.fornobravo.com
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        Thanks. I値l look those 2 up. I guess a logical alternative is a steel dome from a gas bottle or similar might be a way to make it lighter. Just not so attractive and it will be seen by customers.

        Any my thoughts if clay could be formed thinner than castable. I was thinking 25mm (1) might have been thick enough for clay.