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32" Cast Build

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  • 32" Cast Build

    Started on my base yesterday. Instead of doing a typical grout installation I was reading about this wall cement called Quikwall, basically a structural stucco I guess. Figured that'd be quick and easy but boy was I wrong! That stuff was impossible to work with. Came out alright but I'll be skimcoating it in the future to pretty it up a bit to be sure.

    Was originally going to do a standard square base but as I was stacking blocks I figured this would give me more support for the top and eliminate needing to get complicated with crossmember lintels or what not. Plus utilizes the corner more. Still have plenty of room for storing wood there in the little cubbies. Going to pour the tabletop tomorrow hopefully, if not the coming weekend. When looking at it from the side, where it's an X shape, it's 48" wide, so I'm able to make a very easy form out of a 4x8 sheet of melamine. Probably wind up regretting not building a structure and pouring in place, but I figure 4 guys oughta be able to lift a 600lb slab.

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    Found a guy on Craigslist selling both dense & insulating castable for $25 a bag. He also had firebricks and some insulating boards.


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      Are you in Portland? Did they have more castable? If so would you mind posting the link, I haven't been able to find it.