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Pilates Ball Perlite/Portland Cement Pizza Oven

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  • Pilates Ball Perlite/Portland Cement Pizza Oven


    I want to make a low effort/cost oven on a 75 cm pilates ball.

    I will use it mainly for pizza.
    Is it ok to make the dome out of only one 7-10 cm thick layer of 5:1 Perliteortland cement?
    I will use 6.5 cm thick fire bricks on the floor, so Iím hoping they will be able to store some heat, but the dome will probably not!?

    is it ok to use chicken wire (net) as armouring? Or can expandion cause cracks?

    Planning to start cementing in a day or two, so all help appreciated!

    Hans Martin

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    A 5:1 perlite mix will result in a casting that will be subject to abrasion damage. Attempting to strengthen it with reinforcing mesh will do little to strengthen the already weak mix. In addition the high proportion of perlite will not produce a casting with enough thermal mass meaning the temperature will drop off very quickly in the domeif the flame dies a little. Research builds on this site a bit more.
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      That's exactly how I built mine. Check my post here on the site with my video. It worked out really really well