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Amount of Clay needed?

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  • Amount of Clay needed?


    I'm looking for some advice on the amount of clay i will need to build a 34 inch Diameter oven the clay soil i have is about 70% clay. I plant to build the internal layer about 3 inches thick and the external layer at 2 inches. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like you are wanting to build a cob oven in which case you need a mix of 2 parts sand to one part soil by volume. Best ifthesoil is dryand pulverised,mixed well before adding enough water to make a workable mix.The formula for volume of a sphere is 4/3 x 3.142 x r x r x r. Donít forget to halve it because itís a hemisphere.n
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      Hi I had to postpone building my oven last summer but I'm ready to start now as our weather is picking up now. I appreciate the help you have given but I'm really a beginner when it comes to any type of building especially ovens. When I work out the volume how will t that help me to know how much clay I need. I want to make a success of this project so I want to know I have enough materials before I start. I have a tonne of sand and I'm in the process of sorting my clay but I have no idea how much I'll need.


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        Just use soil that has a high clay content.
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          Ok thank you.