The plan: 23" internal width barrel design, cast out of homebrew, placed onto a homemade wooden cart.

Extra challenge: I've been working on this build as a wedding present for a friend, so I have to build as much of it at my house as possible, then transport the components about 20 minutes away, and assemble in their backyard.

Current status: I cast the barrel in 3 separate pieces (1. back, 2. front with inner door, and 3. flue gallery with outer door). Separately poured a 36"x30"x4" perlcrete block. Built the stand and installed the casters. Now I need to put it all together.

I'll post my steps so far for anyone that's interested, and if you have any suggestions, let me know...there's still time!

I have a few questions about floor thickness, and mounting the oven to the cart, that I'd appreciate some guidance on