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Insulating a barrel oven

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  • UtahBeehiver

    In your original post you did not say how you were going to insulation under the oven. David has given you sound advise on the outside of the barrel but under the floor and bottom of the barrel insulation is critical too. I do recall that David suggest that the end walls also fit under the dome not against the dome due to the expansion of the barrel.

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  • david s
    started a topic Insulating a barrel oven

    Insulating a barrel oven

    Originally posted by Jose Prado View Post
    Hello Folks
    This is my first post/question
    I believe I'm in the right section though I'm not sure if I follow correct protocol - so, sorry in advance : )
    Do direct me to correct forum if necessary.

    I build a barrel style oven to which I'm committed on account of space parameters that preclude dome style (which I prefer).
    The barrel will be wrapped in ceramic blanket and then a cement-based casing.
    The barrel will be housed in a brick box.

    What is best insulation material between the barrel and the interior walls of the brick box?
    I consider perlite only.
    But the ease makes me think that I'm missing something.

    By the way, the brick housing will be topped with a concrete roof.
    I suppose I must be sure to seal it properly should water/humidity make its way into the housing and generate deterioration within.

    Thank you kindly for your answers.
    Hi Jose,

    You can fill over the ceramic fibre blanket with dry perlite or vermiculite because your outer brick housing will contain it. This has the advantage of not containing water and the need to drive it off. If there are corners where the dry insulation is particularly thick, like corners, you can fill those with capped empty plastic bottles. A vent in the top to allow moisture to escape would be a good addition even though the insulation is dry.