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    Making an inner and outer mould is the way to go if you are making multiple castings. However, the time and expense to do so for a one off casting is not worth the effort IMO.
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      Yes I made the moulds from fibreglass, it was time consuming, expensive and pretty difficult but... I trained as a boat builder and I have used fibreglass all my working life.
      It just made sense for me to make a mould, I did have lots of problems along the way though.

      I initially used a 30” gym ball to form the inner fibreglass mould but later discovered that once inflated, the ball was not actually symmetrically round! This caused a lot of work to rectify however I got there in the end.
      My new 32” mould is even more complex and it took me months to build!

      Making a one piece dome from a mould would be a lot easier but still a lot more difficult and expensive than casting against a mound of sand.

      I am sure it would be cheaper to buy a ready made dome rather than building a take apart mould .
      However to be able to vibrate the mix would make a huge difference to the overall integrity, although I don’t see a way to do that unless you have some sort of solid form.

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        So I have now recieved some Fibermesh micro fibres from Sika UK that were kindly donated to the cause, and a data sheet provided by Castree Kilns for their 1400c castable (which should both be attached for reference purposes.) I had requested a sample of castable to test though doesn't seem to be possible. If only the place wasn't so far away. It has been stated there are SS needles in mix by the both the supplier and Fox. Though I can't seem to be able to get an idea of amounts. Though I'll probably add some to the order and do some experimenting to be sure there is enough to assist my structural (mobile) needs.

        Huge thank you for all the feedback thus far, I love this forum!!!!!
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          Hi...Anybody have an idea where's a good place to obtain 50-60mm Cal-sil ceramic fibre board approx 4ft x 4ft as It is very costly, or an alternative way of creating a flat insulative base for fire bricks, bearing in mind that the oven I am building is being housed in a trailer, thus mobile.

          Cheers Rob
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            I just wanted to update this post to say I have finally cast my dome after alot of fun learning curves, and say a huge thanks for all the helpful comments and encouragement.

            I am now working on sorting out the floor/base with which to house the thing. I wanna have some little warmer fires to dissapate water soon as its outside undercover and getting very cold in the evenings now and am a bit anxious about damage caused by freezing conditions which feel immenent. Any feedback on this point welcomed. Oh and I would like to upload pics but it is saying they are excedding the 2mb limit which is weird as it worked before.
            Any thoughts?


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              Reduce the picture size with windows or any other photo editor. Lots of freeware out there too.
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