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Refractory Bread Oven, Catalunya, Spain, EU

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  • Refractory Bread Oven, Catalunya, Spain, EU

    Hi everyone

    I'm hoping this is the "best" place to post this cry for help!

    I've been reading this forum for a long time now, I had my own pizza joint in Sheffield years back, and now find myself in a rather different position... )apologies for cut and paste and variation in font sizes)

    We are Lidia Martorell and Mike Gray, living in Arboli, in Tarragona. Mike is the village baker. We are seeking quotes from oven-builders for our new wood-fired oven here in the village.

    What we want from the oven:
    • 2.5m 3 m internal diameter
    • Separate firebox accessible from the outside of the building
    • Ovoid plan
    • Brick, stone, steel construction, and modern insulative materials where needed. Probably a concrete base/pad.
    • High mass, so that we are able to maintain relatively stable temperatures over a period of days or weeks, and therefore the need to only have to set small fires as and when required, and not firing the oven every day hard with large temperature variations
    • A “squirrel tail” or other overlapping chimney/flue design that will further increase the oven’s efficiency and increase radiant from the dome, or roof
    • Ideally the oven will be rectangular or cuboid in plan and section, (not domed) so as to increase mass. This is open to interpretation

    (Potential) Problems:
    • A tight site
    • Oven needs to be constructed external to - and adjoining - the main building
    • Oven will adjoin new store building (to be constructed)
    • Varying levels
    • Potentially limestone bedrock not far from the top layer of soil
    • The oven mouth needs to pass through a wall of the bakery. We will need to connect the mouth of the oven to the inside of the bakery, but insulate the building against heat sink from the oven.

    The fuel we will be using will be predominantly forest pines, with some quercus ilex (alzina) available additionally as required.

    I will add my sketches, plans and photographs as and when i get around to it!

    Ideally we want to construct the oven using our own workforce under expert guidance, preferably with a master mason as project manager on-site during the construction. None of us have constructed an oven before in “raw material form”.

    We welcome all input on all matters and look forward to the response!


    Mike & Lidia

    Forn del Teix,

    Carrer Sant Pau, 1


    Tarragona 43365

    655 044 218

    621 202 886

    we're on instagram somewhere!