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Stainless Steel oven build

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  • Stainless Steel oven build

    Hi all!

    I was recently on the hunt for a stainless steel pizza oven in the 3-4 pizza size range, and i found one at the online retailers that looked interesting, but the Italian manufacturer had the worst customer service i have ever encountered, so i decided to build one myself instead of supporting that company.

    The total cost so far has been like 350 euros, and the only thing remaining that i have to buy i think is the insulation in between the domes. I also bought two 2,5cm thick Calcium Silicate plates that i will place beneath the saputo cooking surface for some insulaion on the bottom, if that still isnt enough i will weld a second bottom plate and put some insulation between the plates.

    The cooking surface will be about 70x96cm and I have room for about 10-15cm of insulation in the domes, would it be better to buy ceramic wool and stack them up, or is that overkill? Is one layer of 10cm rock wool enough? I was also thinking about adding some typ of thick scrap steel plates against the dome from the backside to act as thermal mass, and then add ceramic wool on top of that for insulation, what do you think about that idea?

    Hopefully the oven will be up and running next weekend!