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  • Oven Wall Thermometer

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any tips on installing a thermometer like this during construction of a cast build?

    The oven I'm planning is mostly going to be used for pizza, and i like the idea of knowing what the air temp in the oven is without having to put the door on, and/or use IR which will only tell me surface temp of whatever it is pointing at?

    Going off the product description, I assume the main concept is to form a "tube" through the various layers as you are constructing and then actually insert the probe towards the end of construction, and mount the gauge in the final render?

    What sort of clearance do i need between the "tube" in the oven wall and the probe itself? If any?

    Are there any issues with heat/flame somehow going up the "tube" and into the blanket layer etc?

    Is it all more trouble than it's worth?

    Thanks, Mark.

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    Yes you can do it that way, but it's far easier to drill through the outer shell, insulation layer and into the inner shell after the oven has been finished. Done lots this way, that's the same thermometer as I have on my mobile oven, so come over and I'll show you. There are other ways to test the temperature that don't cost. eg firing time, semolina test and observing carbon burnt off. After some experience temperature equipment is pretty redundant IMO.
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